Like most people, we love indoor plants. But the tricky part about indoor plants is that you need to make sure to keep them alive.

On thorough research, we learnt that there are a few plants that are most effective air filters Mother Nature has to offer.

Snake Plant or Sansevieria

It’s simple to take care of and prevents the formaldehyde that leaks from your carpet and wood furniture from sticking around the air. Its excellent to keep in your bedroom and/or living room. This plant also requires less sunlight and water thereby making it a plant that thrives on ignorance!

Golden Pothos or Money Plant

This is one of the easiest plants to keep alive. The vines grown quickly and it adds great appeal to an indoor space. Money plant also serves as a strong eliminator of carbon mono-oxide and formaldehyde. Needs moderate watering, enough to keep the soil moist.


Requiring only moderate watering and sunlight once in a while, the Dracaena is a low maintenance house plant. If you let it grow, it can take a beautiful height of upto 10 ft and can alternatively remain squat by regular trimming.

Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plant is known to be a great humidifier and considerably resistant to insect infestation. It grows well in areas with limited sunlight.

Broadleaf lady palm

The broadleaf palm is a beautiful plant that thrives indoors, as it requires 80% shade to grow. The soil needs to be constantly moist so moderate watering is needed over consistent periods. They’re exceptionally good indoor house plants, because they clean toxins from the air. The main four they process are carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, xylene, and ammonia. They’re also easy to care for, making them good for gardening beginners!

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